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MORE CHANGES PENDING. Thank you all for you participation in the project thus far. Please take a look at my blog at: http://www.naturalmachine.com/blogs/mike/. In the December archives you'll find something I titled the Open source confessional. It is my first attempt at refreshing this website. I don't think you'll find much by way of technology changes, but you should find a lot of site changes and updates. Mostly simplified and more focused. Thanks for your patience. -Michael Rice Jan 2004.

Welcome to the Aikernel project!

You've found the official home page of the Aikernel project. The web site is hosted by Sourceforge.net and consists of two sites, the project site and the "fun" site. You are currently looking at the fun site. The project site is available at:

The following is a quick summary of what is going on with the project.

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    mrice - 2002-03-03 21:51   -   Aikernel
Finally posted the website. Its a little crude and missing lots of functionality, but I think its got the beginnings of something cool.

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Code sees light of day
    mrice - 2002-02-25 20:33   -   Aikernel
Added the first set of code, the first time it has seen the light of day! 311 classes and appx 1 megabyte worth of work.
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AI Kernel Open Sourced!
    mrice - 2002-02-14 15:20   -   Aikernel
The AI Kernel is a re-usable artificial intelligence engine that uses natural language processing and an Activator / Context model to allow multi tasking between installed cells.
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