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Documentation: Quick Start Guide

1) special note for Unix/Linux/etc users
This package was built on a Win32 platform so I didn't set up the run.sh file for execution in Unix/Linux/etc environments. To get started in the this world:

   cd AIK_HOME # where you unzipped the package
   cd bin
   chmod +x run.sh

2) Create a user account for yourself in the users.properties file
   a) vi (unix/linux) or send the users.properties to notepad (win32)
   b) add a line that looks like this:
   - the first part of the line is your user id, the second is the password

3) Starting the Aikernel Server
   a) For win32 users:
   cd AIK_HOME
   cd bin

   b) For unix/linx/etc users:
   cd AIK_HOME
   cd bin

4) Starting the Aikernel client (same for win32/*nix):
   a) open a new terminal session
   b) type: telnet localhost 14284
   -> now follow the instructions on the screen!

5) When you first start your instance, you'll notice that it doesn't do very much when you type. Go ahead and type the following command:

   [install hello]
This will bind the hello cell and start it. Now say hello:

If you need further help, type [help] or type ?

6) Exploring ideas
   a) Watch the output of the server application
   b) change the logging level to trace
   c) check out the hello cell source
   d) checkout thesaurus.properties to see some other greetings you can use

    mrice - 2002-03-03 22:51   -   Aikernel
Finally posted the website. Its a little crude and missing lots of functionality, but I think its got the beginnings of something cool.

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Code sees light of day
    mrice - 2002-02-25 21:33   -   Aikernel
Added the first set of code, the first time it has seen the light of day! 311 classes and appx 1 megabyte worth of work.
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AI Kernel Open Sourced!
    mrice - 2002-02-14 16:20   -   Aikernel
The AI Kernel is a re-usable artificial intelligence engine that uses natural language processing and an Activator / Context model to allow multi tasking between installed cells.
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